Monday, November 2, 2009

Dearly Beloved,

We gather here on this fine day to mourn the loss of our Dark Roast coffee, it seems Monday has claimed yet another victim. There he was, sitting on the counter while my mother rearranged the cabinet when he was rudely pushed off by a box of noodles,he then plummeted to the ground. The force of the blow was so great he was decapitated, spilling his dark roast goodness upon the kitchen floor. There was a moment of silence before he was to be sucked up at 20+ mph into a dark hole filled with dust and other allergens. A few stray, injured grounds blew across the floor making a bigger mess in hopes of not being sucked up. Their attempts were futile and they soon joined their brothers in the large dark hole.
While this was a sad event I must say that it made the kitchen smell particularly good, but made the coffee pot particularly empty. The coffee is survived by the remainder of the coffee not spilled and the French Roast. I hope some cockroach at the dump will be happy to find our Dark Roast, and may the grounds brew in peace.

With that settled let's move on to a more positive Monday note...a chance to win chocolate, and I'm not talking about the crappy stuff! This is the good stuff baby ;) Head on over to this awesome blog:

and enter for your chance to win, make sure you read the rules and check out the chocolate website to drool a bit! ;D

I'm off to babysit, blog soon

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