Friday, July 31, 2009

Free Chocolate! :]

What could make a beautiful Friday even better? Ummm, how about some FREE chocolate from The Mars Company :]
Yummy! The coupon comes in about six weeks and it's even good for one of those Dove Bars *drools* Why pay for it...when it can be free? Also if you go to Walmart's page they usually have free samples offered from anything from lotion to tea. I just recently got some yogi tea from them (wonderful!) If your into books I would suggest going to, where you can register for first look and have a chance for free books if you write them a review. I think I've gotten three books this way, all very good :]
Just a quick little Friday blog, now off to much on some brownies and sip on some free tea!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Best Recognized Celebrity Voices

Before I even get this list started just a few things:
  • 1. This list is in no order what-so-ever. I tried to put it into a list but it was getting way too stressful than a blog ever should be, so all of these are in random order.
  • 2.These are my thoughts on most recognized voices, I realize that some big names may have been left off from previous generations, but I would love to know some of your own lists. Maybe in the future lists by generation?
Without further ado here is the list:
Ozzy OsbourneElvis Presley Yummy!
Morgan Freeman

Why yes, this is the voice of God speaking!

Sarah PalinEllen Degeneres

Robin Williams

Amy Lee


William Shatner

Craig Ferguson

Dave Letterman

Sarah Silverman

Mike Myers

And at the request of my parents:
James Earl Jones
Sean Connery
So there you have it! My list of most recognized voices :]

Random thoughts, Dan Brown, and The Buddy Walk

Have you ever wondering why more food vendors don't operate the way ice cream trucks operate? Who says you can't have a hot dog truck or a hamburger truck? Can you imagine that at sporting events? WHY only ice cream? Is only the ice cream sacred enough to be stuffed in a truck (that is actually a van) and be wheeled around with that annoying soundtrack? Have you ever perhaps wondered (probably not) why we have unicorns (you-na-corns) but not unicbrows or unic-cycles. If Greek for one is "unic" or whatever language they derive from why can't we have unicbrows? You simply can't tell me we use one languge for this and another for that. English may well be the most cryptic language of all, no wonder foreigners have such a hard time!
Speaking of cryptic things is anyone else REALLY stoked for Dan Brown's new book coming out September 15th? I know there are some big bible people out there who refuse to read Brown's work because it offends them, but really? It's a novel. No, it's not %100 percent historically accurate, excuse the guy for having an imagination. In fact all good books are hated by at least some people. I got lost in the book, I felt their emotions in both The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons (my personal favorite!) I'm very pumped to read Digital Fortress, I've read into it a bit and it seems intresting, but it doesn't quite catch my attention like the other two.
Anyways! His new book, The Lost Symbol comes out in just 47 more days! If you want to check it out here's the link to his website:

Now for yet another topic, I'm on a random roll today! October 3rd is going to be the Buddy Walk in Omaha, it's taking place at UNO's campus. For all of you not familiar with the buddy walk it's a walk to raise money and awareness for people with Down Syndrome. One of those people happens to be my little sister. She is the happiest, most amazing little girl I have ever met. One smile makes your day, guranteed! If your in the Omaha area anyone is welcome to come participate in the event, more information can be found here:

Anndd If you can't make it you can always show your support by sponsering a child and raisng money for the cause. Here is my sister's site:
:] so check those links out and be sure to spread the word! My sister is so much more than her Down Syndrome. I hope in the future to be able to show people just how amazing people like my sister are, and how much they have to give to this world. Just the capacity for love they have is amazing, we all have that capacity but they really use that. If everyone could love that they do it would be wonderful.

To wrap up this Wednesday randomness is a cute picture to brighten your day:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Change Your Mindset, Change your life.

Like any deep thought this didn't come when I was trying to have deep thoughts, or when I was trying to be intellectual, because that's never when these type of things attack you. no, it's always while you try to sleep, or in my case while you're trying to take a relaxing shower. I was thinking to myself, "What is life?" which I suppose is a very common human question, and I doubt this will be the last time I ever ponder this.
Is life something that is predestined for you? Is there something, some great thing waiting to be accomplished by you and only you, or is life simply what you make of it? The dreamer side of me would like to believe that I was destined to do something, like I was chosen for a particular task and no one else. However I choose to believe that life is simply what we make of it. Why?
I started thinking, both those who think that life has something predestined for them and those you think life is what you make it can lead extraordinarily happy lives. It can also be noted that those who seem to think they are destined to fail and nothing more live miserable lives. I came to the conclusion that to change your mindset is to change you life. If you think you are going to fail you will fail because that is what you expect to happen.
I believe our beliefs and our values shape us into who we are and that life is simply what you want it to be. Whether people choose to believe that it is some higher power such as god is another topic. Isn't discovering yourself in a religion the same as changing your mindset? Is that why people are either completely blinded or able to see clearer through religion?
This could also tie into The Secret, a wonderfully powerful book. What if having what you want in life is as simple as changing your mindset?

Life happens too fast for you ever to think about it. If you could just persuade people of this, but they insist on amassing information.
Kurt Vonnegut