Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Best Recognized Celebrity Voices

Before I even get this list started just a few things:
  • 1. This list is in no order what-so-ever. I tried to put it into a list but it was getting way too stressful than a blog ever should be, so all of these are in random order.
  • 2.These are my thoughts on most recognized voices, I realize that some big names may have been left off from previous generations, but I would love to know some of your own lists. Maybe in the future lists by generation?
Without further ado here is the list:
Ozzy OsbourneElvis Presley Yummy!
Morgan Freeman

Why yes, this is the voice of God speaking!

Sarah PalinEllen Degeneres

Robin Williams

Amy Lee


William Shatner

Craig Ferguson

Dave Letterman

Sarah Silverman

Mike Myers

And at the request of my parents:
James Earl Jones
Sean Connery
So there you have it! My list of most recognized voices :]

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